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SBI Founder and CEO



David Hanania is the Founder and CEO of Small Business International. He has been involved in assisting businesses of all sizes throughout the World with a myriad of information, consulting services and financing, to help them improve their operations and expand their businesses since 1991. Before Founding SBI Mr.Hanania was President and CEO of a multi divisional public company, which manufactured and marketed tractors, manufactured housing, defense products, school furniture, as well as many other leisure and industrial products. During his over 20 years of employment he oversaw the company's growth to 13 plants with over 8,000 employees in eight states. Mr. Hanania is recognized as a pioneer in manufactured housing and was instrumental in leading the industry to many worldwide breakthroughs in marketing and design. Over 35,000 houses were built during this period. He also personally developed several patented inventions, which are widely used to improve tractor safety.



Three Presidents have appointed him to positions involving international trade and goodwill, lastly by President Obama in 2010 as Chairman of the National SME Export Council. The Council was formed to bring together leaders of the private sector to develop new strategies and recommendations that would focus on the goal of removing hurdles for expanding exports from SMEs. The strategies and recommendations developed by this Council were brought to the President and the Congress of the United States. Mr. Hanania was appointed United Nations Day Chairman by President Ford, and, he received the International Amity Award from President Carter's Friendship Force for his leadership in promoting international good will. Mr. Hanania has been active for many years in promoting "Global Marketing" for US businesses seeking distribution of their products or services into foreign markets.


Mr. Hanania is an acknowledged expert

on business development and entrepreneurship. He has appeared on national television, including, CNBC, CNN, NBC, and FOX TV, and has been interviewed on radio programs across the country, and by major magazines and newspapers. He has written several books on business entrepreneurship.


Mr. Hanania Started His First Business at Age 11.

opened a restaurant at 19, and launched a mail-order company while in his 20s. He has founded, bought, operated, merged and sold more than 35 businesses in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction, housing, real estate development, publishing, and mail order. For several years, Mr. Hanania designed and developed housing projects in New York, Connecticut, Tennessee, New Jersey, and in the Middle East and Africa. Mr. Hanania has served on the boards of several corporations, and on the Board of Ithaca College Business School. He holds a BBA degree in Business Management and a Masters Degree in Industrial Management.


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