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New and Established Exporters



New Exporters

Many small to medium large US companies have varying degrees of potential to enter the Global Trading Market. If you would like to increase your sales by exporting you are invited to contact SBI for a brief consultation via phone, email, or face to face to start an action plan.


We also invite new potential exporters to consider using SBI’s Readiness Evaluation Software to check their readiness to enter exporting. This Software which SBI has spent years creating evaluates the current state of a business’s readiness to enter exporting and helps classify the business into one of three categories; Most Ready, Ready, or Almost Ready. It is important to both the potential exporting business and SBI to evaluate that business’s readiness to ensure addressing the best path to exporting and the best export opportunities. The software is available on the SBI Internet site; it is accurate, it is available at no cost and it is completely confidential. This software is a great place to start a company’s exploits into exporting. Contact SBI.


Established Exporters

Small to medium large US companies that are already exporting that desire to expand their exports into additional countries or increase their exports in the countries they are already exporting into are invited to contact SBI for a brief consultation. SBI has established channels and contacts for marketing products and services in many areas of the world which could be useful for these businesses. SBI has Strong contacts in Asia, Greater Europe and North, South and Central America and affiliate contacts in other parts of the world. Let SBI assist you in expanding your reach into additional markets.


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