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   Small Business International (SBI) is a successor organization of the Home Business Institute, which was formed in 1991 and later merged with the Small Business Institute to provide services to more than 80,000 US companies.


   Originally as a membership organization SBI provided a multiplicity of business services, Information, and Insurance benefits to its members. In addition, discounted savings from providers of office supplies, travel, telecommunications, auto rentals and many other business related products and services was also provided to its members.


   As this growth was taking place management discerned that the needs of most of these businesses began to change with businesses beginning to concentrate on specific needs such as health insurance, international trade, and financing in addition to overcoming government regulatory hurdles. Ultimately management discovered that many of its small and medium business members throughout the United States desired to enter the Global Trading Market but lacked the knowledge to self direct themselves into this market.


   Small Business International was then formed and redirected itself away from a membership organization into a developer of programs to assist small, medium and medium large companies wishing to enter, expand or trade in the International Marketplace.


   For over five years SBI has been researching, developing, bringing together experts and testing GEXTRIM a unique program which is ready to be the catalyst for globalizing the products of this business segment and leading the way for them to increase their global exports, trades and imports.


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